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Behind every successful man there is a woman, who laid a firm foundation with the bricks that others threw at him.’


‘Behind every successful woman there is a man, who believed in her when nobody else did.’

But you know what the fun part is….Every successful person on planet earth, looked at their partner with a lot of pride and never believed in compartmentalizing them based on their gender. It doesn’t really matters whether its a Man or a Woman….The game changes, when that ‘one person’ 

So hopefully, you must have understood about us. We guys are working together from 2014.Our first start up was design and development agency and now we are moving ahead to “Pink Pakistan”. This is the idea of my wife who is really motivated to work for women of Pakistan particularly. She wants to deliver quality products only and only for women and specially for those women who can’t go out or they can’t afford the expensive products.We hope that you will love our products. Please let us know if there is something missing.

Aneeta Naqash

Founder/Creative Designer/ Artist

Naqash Butt